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Up and Running with SVG

An SVG primer for everyone. Created by Mijingo.

Additional Tools & Resources

We covered creating SVG files with Adobe Illustrator and converting them using the online tool Vector Magic. There are a few other tools you should consider, too:

  • Sketch - A popular app right now because of its price point and applicability in the web design space. The makers say it is “build for modern graphic designers” and that it is easy to “create complex shapes” using the vector tools.
  • SVG Edit - A JavaScript-based SVG creation tool. It’s all browser-based and it’s quite feature-ful. You can download and run it yourself or use the demo version.
  • Inkscape - An open source, cross-platform vector graphics tool. Definitely worth a look if you want to get started without plunking down money for tools.


No work is completely original. Here are the resources I used to when researching material for this course. There is a lot of great reading on SVG available that can take what you learned in this course and build on it.

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